Ah. A blank page… not so scary a concept as it once was.

I often have so many ideas in my head that sometimes they come out too fast for my hands to keep up with.

I worry that I still don’t understand a lot of how the world works. I know no-one can understand it all. But my personal theories, about love and life, I tell myself I believe them, even live by them (yes, even at the ripe old age of 21), but I don’t know if I really understand them.

I guess my first post should be some sort of insight into what this blog will deliver. What that is, I’m not quite sure of yet. As is the nature of what i do, beauty will be a sometimes present element. Fashion, as it’s a big interest, and relationship hullabaloo (because there’s just no escaping it, ya know?) – but i solemnly swear to keep the celebrity comments to the bare minimum. Yes – this blog will be all it was intended for – an outlet for my many thoughts, impressions and a snippet into what the world looks like through the eyes of a young girl/woman/lady (whatever), who’s a lot of other things, but even as much as she’d like to be, is not quite Carrie.