Bieber fever: It’s-a spreadin’.

So, i don’t usually think of myself as a ‘groupie’ per say, more like an appreciator – yep, an appreciator of fine art, great music, and pre-pubescent teens that can belt out a tune.

Enter Justin Bieber. The kid with the schoolboy haircut, ‘couldn’t-care-less’ attitude and sweet ass voice that has girls of all ages (seriously, even three year olds) swooning (or crying, whatever.)

I’m not ashamed to admit (okay, maybe a little) that i am like totaaally in lurvvve with this dude, like, maan he’s so freakin’ cute. But without sounding like a Ke$ha-esque sixteen-year old zombie – Bieber really does hit the mark for me.

I think it’s because when i see how younger girls react when they see him, hear him, or fabricate a meeting with him in their minds (wowza that’s a show-stopper) – it takes me back to how i used to feel at the same age with heartthrobs like Jesse McCartney  – when he would seem as though he were singing just to me, or Pacey from Dawson’s Creek – like his witty quips were aimed to me, and not that sniveling Joey Potter know-it-all bird.

It’s an incredible feeling, when you honestly feel like you’re in love with someone you’ve never met. It makes you feel pretty vulnerable in almost a sickly, yet good kind of a way. You ask yourself how you could ever make yourself stand out enough for that person to notice you over everyone else, then whisk you up in their arms, marry you and never look at another girl ever again. You just know you could make them sooo happy that they’d just die. It’s like a churning in the tummy that lets you know that yes, you’re are indeed a very normal teenager, and you have just suffered the highs and impending lows of a fully fledged celebrity crush.

Congratulations – and don’t worry, it will pass.






Who was your very first celebrity love?