“Why Barbie, you’re so stylish.”

I have to admit, when talks about Fashion week started at work, I knew (from my limited experience with it last year) that it was pretty much a whirlwind of interviews with make-up artists and hair stylists that don’t really care who you are, models who tuck themselves away in their own little self obsessed bubbles and lots of air-kissing, that leaves media folk past the point of total exhaustion.

Then, while trawling through various different sites, as I do daily, I came across this really interesting picture of Barbie, getting the ‘Grazia’ treatment (a big thank you to Grazia for the image), and I was instantly compelled to read on.

You see, I love anything creative and a little left of centre – I think the fact that Barbie was placed in a fashion spread is totally print-worthy. (Loike totallyyyy – uh, I hate when I sound all 16 and annoying.)

Maybe what is most intriguing to me is that being a real-life Barbie is a common perception for the models I studied backstage at the RAFW (that’s Rosemount Australian Fashion Week) shows – who I never once saw with any kind of edible substance in their manicured paws.

Now, I don’t want to get all deep into eating disorders and the harm in sending unrealistic body image messages to our youth (I’ll save that for another blog). I just thought the picture was pretty cool to look at, and awesomely styled at that – but as an old-school Barbie collector from way back when – I guess that’s to be expected.






What do you think of Fashion Week Barbie?