Is needy the new black?

A late night conversation with a very dear old friend (male, just so you know) last night really got me to thinking. Not the entire conversation mind, but something in particular that he said…

You see, the thing with this particular boy is my relationship with him is like no other i currently have (whether that’s a good or bad thing, I’m not so sure). The lover/friend line between us has always been slightly blurred (okay, perhaps bordering on unreadable), so it really is an interesting ride whenever the two of us interact.

He caught me a little off guard last night when he asked me why i treat him differently to everyone else when we’re in a group situation. Not usually being the type to notice behavior like that, i was somewhat shocked that he’d even cottoned on. I told him i guess it’s because i don’t want to seem like there’s something going on between us – both to him and I, and to our friends. We’re purely friends, we agreed, and that’s that. Plus – the gushy girl-friend card was never one i’d played particularly well.

His brilliant one-liner was the reason behind this blog – and in my opinion, totally worth publishing. In (let’s call him Joey) Joey’s words; “Guys want a girl who’s confident enough to be in a room full of our mates, but needy enough to make us feel wanted.” Okay, so it’s no Shakespeare, but it’s something i’m going to attempt to live by. You see, if I’ve learned anything in my recent single years – it’s that a girl who can hold her own in a room full of guys – that is, be noticed, without being too in your face… well, she’s one step ahead of the rest. Just don’t ignore the one you want to impress the most – the whole picking on the guy you like thing doesn’t have quite the same affect as when you were 12.






Do you think it’s important to have a balance between needy and nonchalant?