The break: believable or bullocks?

A thought that’s been plaguing me for a little while now is about the ever-controversial relationship break. I question if such a thing even exists – or can exist for that matter. Surely, (direct quote from my grandmother – probably from simpler times) either it’s on or it’s off – and if you’re partner requests one of these ‘breaks’ from you, then it’s merely an escape mechanism so they can put a stop to the relationship as it is – but not lose you completely.

I’d love to see evidence of a case where said ‘breaks’ are; a) taken seriously, b) successful in sorting any relationship issues out, or c) clearly defined enough to ensure both parties are on the same page throughout it’s entirety.

I have endless questions about this relationship bugbear, like; Can you see other people? Does each couple have a different set of guidelines? Does the pair have to agree on these guidelines upfront when discussing whether or not to go on the break at all? Does a break have to take effect if only one half of the pair are in support of it?

Where does one go to have these questions answered? It’s mind-boggling stuff, and well and truly enough to confirm (and thrust some faith behind) my current single status. My theory is – trust the elders, they’re wise, they’ve been around, they’ve done it all before, so when my nan says either it’s on or it’s off – then the girl must know what she’s talking about.






What do you think? Is the relationship break just a load of bullocks? Leave me a comment.