Help! I’m an emotional cutter…

I know what you’re thinking. Get this girl some help! But it’s not what you may think. Put a big emphasis on the emotional part of the title. Because when we’re talking in self-torture terms, i’m the biggest culprit there is.

I know I’m not alone, I’m one of many, many girls that just can’t help themselves. The ones that check the facebook page that’s strictly a no-go zone (and has been made one for a good reason), knowing full well that there will be nothing on the page to make them feel better. If anything they’ll leave feeling 10 x worse than when they jumped on the laptop. So why do we do it? Are we too like Alice, and just far too curious for our own good?

Why is it that we just can’t skip past the songs that pull on the heartstrings, and have us balling our eyes out as we drive down the highway. It happened to me the other day, a bit of ‘Far Away’ by Nickelback and a vision of the two us in happier times was all it took to call the need for windscreen wipers for my eyes and cause a near accident due to my slowly drowning peepers. I often wonder, do we like the drama? The pain? It’s like a drug sometimes – an emotional trip that plays out like our favourite soap in our heads. It’s like we crave it… and that’s a bit sick.

In truth, high emotional charges give the past relationship emphasis and a deeper meaning – when usually it’s not worth anything of the sort. I guarantee you, your rubbish ex is not jumping on your facebook page and fighting back a quivering lip when he sees you out and about on the town. You want to know why? Because he’s probably out, living his life – which is exactly what you should be out doing too. So go on – get to it! And for goodness sake, delete him off facebook and throw that soppy CD in the bloody bin while you’re at it.






Are you guilty of being an emotional cutter? Leave me a comment.