Pic of the week: carefree Kelly

It’s not like she’s ever really given a monkeys about what people think of her or her exuberant family – but besides the attention seeking and the drama, you can’t help but admire Kelly Osbourne and her increasing sophistication and eclectic style.

She’s still the same girl – with the same carefree attitude – only now she’s a little slimmer, a little more stylish and a whole lot more in love. I was however, surprised to see that the dress she chose to sport at the recent US Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Celebration in L.A. (pictured above) saw a spiral of angry style bloggers and fashion mag hags tearing her apart for being such a clever clogs (in god forbid, a different kind of dress!)

Personally, i think it’s great. She’s obviously feeling better about her body, and she’s having a little bit of fun with fashion – and after all, isn’t that what it’s all about? I think people that can have a laugh at themselves have a better chance of gliding through life less scathed than those who take every opinion to heart. You’re not always going to be adored by everyone, but what i think the rocker spawn has realised is, as long as the people who matter love you – then who cares what anyone one else in the thinks about you or your red-carpet choices?






What do you think of Kelly’s new style? Sophisticated or taking the mick? Leave me a comment.