Sorry boys, she’s just not that into YOU.

One thing that annoyed me about that movie (He’s Just Not That Into You, for those of you living under an especially heavy rock) is the title. He’s just not that into you. I know the anti-feminists are rolling their eyes at me right now (stop it please, it hurts my feelings) but i can’t help but wonder, why, why, why is it always the men that are typically not into the women or the relationship? We as a being just tend to accept the fact that ‘guys often get over it’, and that ‘that’s just what guys are like’, because ‘guys don’t like to be held down’ – the ridiculous, blood-boiling list goes on.

I, for one, am a very typically feminine female, without all the pink fluff. I enjoy everything to do with being a girl, and i am absolutely capable of turning down a guy simply because I’m not feeling him. I don’t even have to have a reason. Yup, i in fact display so much typical man behavior when it comes to relationships, that sometimes i chase, and pine a little over someone i think i want – only to discover that it’s nowhere near as fun when i actually have them. Naughty i know – I’m in a situation just like this at the moment you see…

He had a girl he was seeing and I found I was doing my own head in with my constant thoughts of him. It was a clichéd disaster – when he texted i just wasn’t my normal, witty (ish) self, i was clumsy and obviously flirty in sort of a pathetic way. Because even though i’ve known this guy for-ever, i suddenly had no idea how to act around him.

Fast forward to today, said girl is long gone, but boy is still around. I find myself really nonchalant about the whole thing now – no racing heart, no butterflies at the thought of him – it’s true, it would seem I’m really just not that into him after all – even after all the painful head-banging i inflicted on myself to get him off my brain. Go figure.






Are you guilty of wanting something simply because you can’t have it? Leave me a comment.