I’m not going all E.T. on you…

Well, not intentionally at least… but i do feel the need to share a peculiar occurrence from my interrupted sleep last night with you. You see, my aunty and I have always believed we were, well, a little bit physic. It’s not something we like to boast about, or put into much practice, but every now and again something happens that we just knew was on the cards.

Now, i’m not sure if having a psychic ability links to any spiritual kind of crossovers, but my aunty swears on her pearls and Pandora charms that she sees her grandmother (deceased before i was even thought of), on a regular basis. While i can’t say i’ve ever reunited with my deceased Scottish Nana and Papa, i do believe one (or both) may have paid me a wee visit last night.

You see, Nana always took a great interest in me in general (it’s only natural) and as she lived so far away, she was always interested in my travel plans. If you close your eyes when you open my blog, you may not have noticed that i have somewhat of a liking for New York – and just recently (like yesterday) I hung up all my gorgeous photographs I bought from the street during my visit earlier this year.

Last night, during a wonderful Jacob Black-filled dream, i heard a weird screechy noise coming from above my head (where the newly placed pictures are stuck) and all of a sudden the white cardboard framing that’s placed on one of the photographs peeled off and landed on my head. I was mid dream-kiss with Jacob and a little disorientated, but i quickly remembered that i had liked the look of that frame and carefully stuck it down to the photo on my wall in all four corners and sides with sticky tape.

I looked at my Iphone and winced; it was far too late to be worrying about the decor. But when i rose in the morning it all came together, and as i looked at the wall it struck me. The picture looked so much better white frame-less; it matched perfectly to the other two. I couldn’t help but wonder, was this the work of a pottering Nana that likes everything to be in it’s place? I don’t use any old non-sticky tape after all!






Do you believe in all that spirit, extra terrestrial kind of caper? Any stories of your own experiences to share perhaps? Leave me a comment.