Guys, let’s bring back the date

When discussing dating with some of my male pals recently, they revealed the complete absurdity of taking a girl they met whilst away (or at home for that matter) on a dinner date. Why would they bother? They’re not actually interested in these girls, it’s just a bit of fun – we’re on holidays after all.

I don’t know if I’m particularly fussy, but a tap on the shoulder or a pull of the arm on the dancefloor does not pass as a pick up – well it definitely didn’t when I was subjected to quite a few of each on the same trip.

So guys, my question is, when is it suitable to take a girl to dinner or a movie? Or isn’t this acceptable anymore? I have to say, I’d like to think I hang around with some pretty nice guys, and most of them are under the impression that they just don’t have to go to that much effort. Then again, what male actually goes out and looks for a relationship?

In my experience, males only take on relationships when they fall in their laps – for e.g. they fall for a friend (of course this way escapes any dating legwork), and hooking up with a girl casually at parties before developing deeper feelings (this too, usually escaping legwork). Ladies, are we letting the men get off easy? I mean really, what does it take to get a good rom-com and a bowl of spaghetti anyways?





Do you think we should can the casual hook-ups and bring back the date? Go on, leave me a comment.