From girl-friend to girlfriend – how hard can it be?

I’ve seen ‘He’s just not that into you’, and I understand the concept, I do – but I want to know how a guy can make that snap judgement without getting the chance to see even an ounce of your true self and your personality. It’s not even a looks thing, I’ve seen gorgeous girls literally not get a look in with guys who weren’t particularly up to par (each to their own I guess), only to be treated as an utter friend – not even a pretty girl-friend type of friend with a permanent question mark of possibility looming above her head. Why is that I wonder? What is the deal breaker that ruins any potential partnering between friends for the future? Baggage you say? Okay, I understand that. Maybe there was a chance encounter with another girl prior to you, and now they have a private joke (or something like it) that was that first tacky bit of glue that was all it took to give them an excuse for communication and constant flirtatious play – to which you are not so privy.

I couldn’t help but wonder, how do you find that tacky bit of glue when it comes to new boys (or old friends for that matter), and more importantly, how do you make it stick?






How do you think you build that sense of ‘possibility’ with a guy who’s just a friend? Leave me a comment.