How to: deal with Carrie fever

I’ve been a busy bee these past few days. My mum was so excited to see the long-awaited SATC 2 on opening night last night that i couldn’t bear to tell her that hot hair brand KMS California were taking me (and a few other beauty eds) to the flick in Gold Class – the very next day.

So, having seen it twice is the last 24 hours – i have this to say… It did what it was intended to do – it entertained.

None of this ‘no storyline’ gibberish. It’s true, it may not have been as gripping as the first, or as tear-jerking, but i’m kind of glad of that. I liked the contrasting lightheartedness of this film – and more than that, i lurved the fashion. No matter how much muttonwas showcased, i thought all four girls were mostly sensational (a special shout out to Carrie’s turban and peach one-shoulder dress combo!) Number two shows Carrie encountering the troubles of married life – a challenge that i have yet to face, yet spend so much of my time worrying about.

It dawned on me – without children, it was only going to be Big and Carrie, just those two – forever. The thought of myself in that position kind of made me want to gag. I know there’s a degree of working on the ‘sparkle’ required, but what actually does happen (ya know, in real life) when you start spending more time on the couch, growing old – with nothing else to occupy you.






I couldn’t help but wonder – what does it take to keep some of the ‘sparkle’ in your relationship? Leave me a comment.