How do i double-delete you?

I know I’ve spoken a bit about pining over past love, my question now is, when is the exact point that we should cut that person out, completely? You know, stop sharing stories of them when a conversation calls for a relationship-style comment contribution from you? I don’t think that can be determined really, as it depends on a number of things. Like how long you’ve been together and whether or not you were friends before. Which kind of sucks really – I wish there was just a double delete button for every bastard relationship that would make them disappear completely.

I think a lot of women still imagine their past partner to be as prominent a part of their lives as they were when they were actually together. I know i’m guilty of this very thing at times, i’ll find myself agreeing with a girlfriend when she’s complaining about her current love interest and sharing a story about my own ex, like it’s an issue I’m still dealing with today.

It goes a little something like ‘Oh i know Girlfriend-who-won’t-be-named! That’s exactly what ex-dude was like, just like no way buddy, you’re sleeping on the couch haha!” And i swear i catch a slight eye-roll as they know i haven’t been in a relationship for, erm… a while and it’s weird that I’m trying to legitimately contribute.

I think the troubling factor is the way we don’t actually let go. Now, while not making contact with said past love, and not falling into the sack with them repeatedly are both extremely good starts on the road to emotional freedom (especially the sack part), that’s not all the letting go that’s required.

A girlfriend recently spilled that she still keeps her ex in mind when she’s doing things like shopping. “What would ex-dude think of this dress?” is a thought often muttered to herself in her head – and i tell you, it just has to stop. These fellas have to be cut off at some point – and you have to make the choice when that will be. That means no contact, and yes, drunk texting does definitely count and is worth two naughty points.

These ex’s aren’t worth the mental capacity and heartstring-pullage it requires to think these thoughts; so those are the very first kind of mentalities it’s important to shake. Keeping these people so close to our hearts is only damaging ourselves and our future conquests.┬áSo do me a favour and keep this in mind when you clean out your head of thoughts of him; this guy – the one that plagues your thoughts without doing anything to warrant such space (think of it like a tenant who doesn’t pay rent for the room they take up), is interfering with your chances of finding a great, amazing guy – who pays his bloody rent on time.







Do you waste thoughts and energy on a certain someone who doesn’t deserve it? Why do you think that is?