How to: make him swoon

Now girls, it goes without saying that often a simple batting of our eyelashes or a pouty lip is all it takes to get what we want from our guys (pretty nifty eh?) But if your man is a little harder to budge, never fear. I happen to have a few bits of the beauty kind that are sure to have him swooning for you in a second.

Perfume – a man’s sense of smell is like his photographic memory. They remember a sweet-smelling girl as much as they remember a great-looking one. So make sure you’re smelling scrumptious (without going OTT), whenever he goes in for the kiss hello. Hint: Dolce & Gabbana 3 l’Imperatrice, with it’s sweet scent is definitely a winner.

Still on the fragrance front – nothing says delicious to a dude like a fruity-smelling head of hair. Invest in a shampoo and conditioner like Clairol Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner, which smells like fresh coconut and orchids – and prepare to be seriously nuzzled.

Nothing says kissable to a boy like moisturised, shiny lips. I’m loving MOR Lip Delight in Peach Nectar for its gleamy sheen and mouth watering smell – I bet he will too!

Now, all the bonafide beauty enticers aside, I firmly believe that the best way to make a guy do that thing from cartoons where they close their eyes and follow you around with their head perched forward and love hearts floating out of their body is to genuinely make spending time with you one of his favourite things to do. This may mean trying to enjoy some of the things he loves and eventually weening him onto some of your favourite activities too. I know it sounds petulant, but boys need to be taught – plain and simple.

A final word ladies – the minute you start to nag him about hanging with you is the moment it will be seen as something he’s obliged to do, not something he chooses to do – so be sure to keep your nagging hat in the back of the cupboard and keep it fun and floaty to keep him seeing love hearts and ultimately get what you want too.






What’s your best trick to make a boy swoon?