Hello lover.

If you had a shoe collection like this, would you ever leave the house and stop oggling?

That is the very question i asked myself when i clapped eyes on this fabulous collection of footwear from one of my favourite bloggers, Sandra Hagelstam, creator of fashion must-see 5 inch and up.

Hagelstam writes that she couldn’t find a London apartment with a cupboard large enough to fit her babies, her shoes. So she did what any innovative young woman would do – she built her own.

For some people it’s cigarettes, for some it’s men, and for some – myself included, it’s shoes, shoes, shoes. Everyone has their hang-ups, the one thing they can’t quit – and although my personal shoe collection is nowhere near as impressive as the masterpiece pictured above these words – i figure, you have to start somewhere, right?






What is your obsession? The one thing you can’t quit?

Image courtesy of 5 inch and up.