Guys hate red lipstick, go figure.

I have always lived by the mantra; all you need to feel chic on a kind of ‘blah’ day is a slick of red lipstick. Even at that time of the month with cappuccino spilt down your favourite blouse and a blemish the size of a bus on your face, a blue-toned red lipstick is often all it takes to make you look and feel just a little more fabulous.

Which is why i was a little shocked when one of my close guy friends described red lipstick on a girl as ‘disgusting’ and a definite deal-breaker when it comes to possible link ups on a night out. “Why would i want that smeared all over my face? Ugh.” After punching him in the arm for the vivid visual, i thought about it – maybe painted lips are a bit of a turn off to a male, purely because they don’t want the tell-tale signs of a cheeky smooch plastered all over their faces. You know what, i kind of get it.

Is it enough to stop me from pulling out my favourite plum lacquer during these frostier months? eh, probably not. I figure my lipsticks are little punishment when beer breath plagues most of then guys we meet when we’re out and about.

Besides, if a slick of a pretty lippy is all it takes to make us feel great and finish off a top outfit, well… we have to look after number one, right ladies?






Would your sacrifice a coloured lip for a chance to get cosy with a guy?