The ex files.

We know they’re no good for us, we’re aware of the consequences – heck, we even know how it’s going to end. So why do we always feel an inkling to go back go an ex and break our self-imposed banning?

Nobody said that love was easy, and breaking away from that love, for whatever reason, is even harder. We’ve talked about when the right time to permanently say goodbye is, but what happens when you go back for more, after everything is definitely done and dusted?

More often than not, the original issues that split your relationship down the middle in the first place are still hovering about – it takes work and joint effort to push through those things and make the relationship stronger. Since he’s an ex (as you and boy have split) – I’m guessing there was no working on any issues?

So, again, why do we go back for more? Is it because our ex’s are safe? They know us? Yeah, I’d say that has a lot to do with it – and that’s all well and good in theory. Unless of course you’re not on the same page. Now i don’t want to make out that men don’t have feelings and all they want is a good time, while girls tend to fall head over heels fast and convincingly (although sometimes, okay a lot of the time this is true) – but it’s important to make sure that both parties are venturing into a round two rendezvous for the same reasons – otherwise, somebody’s bound to get hurt. Like messy hurt, ya know?

Also, keep in mind that Mr. Right (or Right Now) will never have the room to find you and sweep you off your feet when your ex’s are still loitering around, head’s down, looking all shifty like – so do yourself and your love life a favour by detoxing your insides of any nasty ex’s – and feel the difference.






Are you guilty of flitting back to an ex for round 2? or 3 or 4?