Pic of the week: SJP, so hot it hurts

What is it about this woman that has me (and many other women like me) clammering to be just like her? It’s not just due to her fashion fabulous alter-ego Carrie Bradshaw (although who you’ve probably realised, is a massive inspiration to me), even when she’s just Sarah Jessica, or Mrs. Broderick, or James, Marion and Tabitha’s mum for that matter – she’s still supremely cool.

Her long balayaged locks, skinny ankles (that look good with every god damn shoe she puts on) and un-classically beautiful face make her stand out from the crowd – which is what I think I like most about her. Her look is a little quirky, and a little left of center in that she doesn’t try to be Hollywood’s perception of perfect. There are no double D’s or gleamy white capped chompers in sight – and although I know it sounds horribly cliché – she looks all the better for it.

So SJP, as you stand there against that marvelous mint green wall (that I’m now off to colour match for my own boudoir), with beautiful tousled bed hair, in your adorable overalls teamed with the most perfect of peep toes, I’d like to give you big time snaps – for being so damn hot it hurts.






What do you like about SJP? Or more controversially, what do you not like about her?