Lads: lazier than ever in love?

I made a bit of a discovery over the weekend. It seems that times, (like our grandparents told us they had) have indeed changed. My grandmother used to tell me of a time where girls couldn’t fit in the number of date invitations they received into one week – and this is the thought i kept in mind as I scanned the interior of the bar my girlfriends and I attended on Saturday night.

All i could see was six or seven scattered groups of breathtaking girls standing up in various places around the room – and I tell you, the amount of girlish giggles and hair flickage visible was almost immeasurable. Then as i realised all of these attention-grabbing gestures were aimed at the boys in the room, i turned my attention to them. But apparently, this was not reciprocated. The boys, who were perched on various bar stools around the room, beer in hand, with their heads angled up towards the big screens, had absolutely no idea of the displays going on before them.

Seriously, it seems as if all guys care about lately is having a beer with the boys and watching the game. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than going to the footy on a sunny Sunday and watching a match with a light beer – I get it, it relaxes me too. But if you’re a guy in a collared shirt at a bar on a Saturday night, then you’re expected to be approachable to a girl. Must we do all the work? I mean, i know chivalry is dead, but have boys really ceased to try a pick up at all anymore? I feel as though guys will never understand just how much effort girls go to to impress. The primping, the preening, the flirting. It’s exhausting just thinking about getting ready for a Saturday night (luckily i find the whole process very therapeutic.)

So what’s the matter guys? Is it all just a little too hard, a little too much effort? Or would you simply rather just hang with the boys? Because if that’s the case, i know a great little bar down on Oxford St called the Tool Sh…






Do you think guys have become far too lazy in love? What should girls do to get their attention more successfully?