My next must-read: Carrie-ing on

She’s the inspiration for this entire blog – so i guess if Carrie Bradshaw is the star, then as the creator, Candace Bushnell must be god. Which is why anything she writes – I just can’t get my paws on fast enough.

Her new release, The Carrie Diaries, is a bit of a prequal to the series – and features Miss Bradshaw as she nears the end of her high-school years (in all her marvelous 80s glory.) I must admit, I’m excited to see how the largest fashion icon of our generation rose to the Manolo-marching, Mr. Big-loving version of herself as she stands in the series. The diary covers everything young women go through in their wonder years – great friends, big dreams and a huge dose of boy drama to boot. So, as an avid SATC fan, I couldn’t help but wonder how New York’s leading lady handled herself before the creation of her infamous column. I can’t wait to find out either.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure your bedside table is cleared, your chic reading glasses are poised elegantly on the tip of your nose and get ready to be reacquainted with everybody’s favourite fashionista – the infamous Miss Carrie Bradshaw.






Do you think the prequal will fit successfully with the series?