Hey, shy guy

There’s a new breed of arrogant males on the scene right now, and the thing that makes them a little bit different to every other know-it-all-thinks-he’s-like-a-platinum-gold-plated-edition-of-god’s-gift-to-women is just one small factor – he’s so shy he seems rude.

You see, i wasn’t aware of this kind until just recentlty. After my Lads: lazier than ever in love’ piece last week, a girlfriend (who has a brother, a.k.a an inside scoop) enlightened me on the ‘shy guy’ – who’s been out and about for a while now, so introvert that we’ve been thinking he’s an arrogant prick for donkeys.

I have to say, that sometimes my girlfriends and I head out with high hopes of finding a dashing young gent who’ll whisk us off our feet with his finess and literally charm the pants off of us with his personality – and when this continues not to happen week after week, we can’t help but wonder if a) there’s something wrong with us (wrong) or b) there are actually no good men left in Sydney (also kind of wrong).

The thing is, these guys are here, all around us even… but we as females have literally become so confident and independent that guys are intimidated by our fabulousness. An effect we didn’t even know we had – a power we’re simply not aware we possess. So the next time you think a guy has his nose poised to the roof because he thinks he’s better than you, remember that he’s probably just looking at the ceiling because the thought of actually speaking to you, complete with eye contact is actually enough to make him barf all over his best jeans.

Oh, and boys – a word to the wise. If you act confident, you’ll start to feel more confident, and the girls will come running. We do love a challenge after all.






Do you think guys are shy – or are they actually mostly arrogant pricks?