Spencer Pratt: what the effing eff?

Okay, so i know I’m a little tardy boarding the oh-my-gosh-Spencer-Pratt-has-lost-his-effing-marbles bus, but after sitting down to watch a long overdue episode of The Hills, I couldn’t believe i hadn’t bought a ticket sooner.

Firstly, he’s married to Barbie. I don’t even mean that in a cute and perky way. She has what Pratt calls a 10.0 body – but really, it took her 10 large surgeries (and a plethora of smaller procedures) to get her there. But that, is a whole other kettle of fish.

Pratt’s latest obsession is his crystals, that he claim ‘calm him down’ and protect him – from what I’m not so sure. All i know is that he has been caught numerous times sporting hundreds of the tiny gems (as well as a few Byron Bay-style tie-dyed ensembles that need binning, stat.)

So, you must be thinking ‘surely this guy is just acting cuckoo in front of the cameras? I mean, he can’t really be walking around L.A. ranting and raving about how crazy everyone else is and how important his beloved crystals are, right?’ I’m not so sure peeps – I mean check out those eyes. eeeeek! If he is faking, the guy deserves an Oscar fo sho.






Whaddya think? Mad as a hatter or a reality television genius?