One boy complete with clean slate, to go.

I feel like I’m making my morning coffee order writing that, but seriously, is a good, clean guy with a slate to match too much to ask for? Here’s a statement for you. Ladies, for every hot young guy out there, is a relationship history so long, and a slate so dirty, chock-full of ex flames, you haven’t got a hope in hell of breaking through… Shocking stuff eh? (I’m feeling all dramatic today it seems.)

I have to spill something to you, because ladies, moving on sure is hard to do when all potential partners still have issues (i.e. ex partners) that are intent on making them stand still. Like baggage they just can’t shake, these ex partners don’t want to completely let go and as a result your love life is quite possibly hanging by a thread…

On a recent trip away from home with a girlfriend, we embarked on an outing to a local, erm… let’s say establishment. As we entered, we realised that we probably weren’t going to be whisked off our feet by any young, refined Brad Pitt-types – that much was clear. And then like out of a slow-motion romantic movie moment, an absolutely stunning Adonis in human form caught my eye. We exchanged smiles and a meaningful stare and then all too quickly the moment was gone. It seems his arm was being violently ripped from the socket, as an annoying ex flame dragged him away and proceeded to whinge about having to cop and eyeful of him, well… copping an eyeful of other ladies.

Then it hit me, we didn’t know anyone in this place – and for every single, attractive guy, was probably a posse of burned, scorned, or still head-over-heels past interests, all intent on getting in your way of any new romance.

I couldn’t help but wonder, how many attractive boys in their 20s are there without baggage, or with a completely clean slate, that welcomes you with open arms to scribble on it and make it your own? Because with the number of annoyingly clingy ex girlfriends I’ve seen on the scene, we’ve not got much hope of shaking these lads loose from their past.






Do you think it’s important for a guy to have a clean slate – so it doesn’t all get too messy?