I think I may be heaven sent.

You’re probably wondering why a jaw-droppingly gorgeous photo of Adriana Lima is gracing your screens right now? Girls – I’m sorry for the confidence bashing and guys – thank me later. In truth, this is actually the image i stick on my fridge when i go for those impromptu biccy grabs or 3am leftover splurges (yes, even after that much alcohol, i can still recognise that Miss Lima doesn’t rock a bod like that by shoveling down leftover Pad See-Ew in the wee hours of the morning.)

The fact of the matter is, I couldn’t find a cute angel image for this blog, so I opted for a different kind of angel, a sassy one. reeeeow.

I want to share something I did on the weekend, something I’m actually really proud of. I’ll set the scene. It was around midday on Saturday and a girlfriend of mine and I were sitting down for lunch. All of a sudden music, good music, started behind us – and I bopped along enjoying it.

After around half an hour (and next to no tips), the music stopped and I was a little miffed not to have had a chance to tip the groovy busker myself for providing the top tunes. And then – I felt even worse. I watched as the really nice, Aussie, 40-something muso struggled to pick up his guitar case, stand and coffee – and then it went splat! I tell you, the look on this guy’s face was heart-breaking, like it was ‘one of those days’ where nothing had gone right and he just wanted to give up.

I picked up my purse and bolted over. I explained that I had seen what just happened and tried to make him feel better with a clumsy “Oh that happens to me alll the time!” I said I was disappointed that I hadn’t had time to come over and tip him and I’d really love to buy him a replacement coffee. He. looked. shell-shocked. Literally like someone had told him there was so such thing as Santa. He declined politely saying I didn’t need to do that, and after I insisted, he allowed me to grab him a small flat white with one, which I did.

When i came back to hand him the coffee he looked at me in the eyes and said “Thank you, so much. You have just restored my faith in humanity,” and he looked at me like I was an angel… then he walked away. I tell you, i was the one who was shell-shocked after that. I never realised how one little gesture you make, or thing you say can affect someone else in a big way. My good deed cost me $2.60 and I felt truly amazing for making someone else’s day. So next time you see something like that and think, ‘should I?’ Do it. You may just change the way someone looks at the world for the better. And isn’t that reason enough?






What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done, or someone has done for you?