Pic of the week: the Partridge factor

Whether you’re a long time Hills fan or not, odds are you’ve seen Audrina Partridge around town – probably in a punk style shirt, aviators not dissimilar to the pair she dons in the above image, and her trademark whiter-than-white gleamy smile, that is in fact sometimes so large, it’s kind of scary.

But this week, we’re giving snaps to Auds for her dedication to her own style. She’s never swayed by her cliche L.A. pals, who are rarely snapped in anything but a matching set of Viccy Secret’s finest or a tracksuit made entirely of colourful velour (uhh… shudder.)

Never a bolster of barrel curls grazing her shoulders, nor a mini so short you can see between her shoulder blades (from the inside), Auds has definitely become tres comfortable in her own skin – besides the obvious boob job – but hey, she’s a reality star living in L.A. so we’ll let that one slide.

So, to you Auds. For rocking an admirable blend of perfect punkish street wear, a laid back attitude (that’s totally un-L.A.) and effing cool hair and make-up 99 per cent of the time. Oh and the aviators… are. rad. much. Noice one.






What do you thinks of Auds?