The perfect part-time partnership

When I think of my perfect relationship – that’s how I imagine our tag line might read. The perfect part-time partnership. I say this because I estimate that I fancy a boyfriend to call my own around 50 per cent of the time, and dread it on a plethora of levels the other 50 per cent. So wouldn’t it be fabulous to have one purely when I want him?

I wouldn’t have to answer to someone all the time, or take their feelings into account, or hide the fact that I’m checking out the cute guy by the bar. I’d just have him when i was a little lonely and in need of the boyfriend-type of benefits. It’s a bit like Jude and Sienna here, they’re all Britain’s cutesy IT couple one day and then over rover quicker than you can say  “Stop staring at the nanny, Jude!” Now obviously I don’t fancy all the break-up bullshit that comes hand in hand with something this part-time, but I do have a natural curiosity about their ability to go off and sleep with billionaires, flirt with half of Britain and flit around from place to place one day – and then organise an engagement the next. I mean, who can keep up?

So, If I’m this undecided about whether or not I’m ready for a full-time mate (okay, definitely not, my ex successfully cured me of that), will it take the right boy crossing my path to persuade me? Perhaps. It’s a niggler isn’t it? I’m convinced I’m not ready to put my single-self on the shelf, but by the same token these chilly winter nights are really taking their toll on the side of my brain that does fancy a big pair of arms wrapped around my middle as we cuddle on the couch. Plus, I watched Dear John last night, and you know what kind of mood a combination of soppy love tales and Channing Tatum puts me in, dontcha?






Would you fancy a part-time partnership?

What would you like about it?

What wouldn’t be cool?