How important is the relationship spark anyways?

I used to think that when i met the right person, the one that i knew I’d never have to say goodbye to, I’d just know… yaknow? But perhaps it doesn’t always have to be spontaneity, spectacular fireworks and the severely frustrating “no YOU hang up first, no YOU!” to know it’s for keeps.

Lately I’m toying with the idea that it’s not always about those endless butterflies whizzing around in your belly, or the crippling feeling in your gut when your loved one isn’t there. Or, the feeling that the relationship has run it’s course when those feelings start ceasing to exist. Perhaps it’s okay for a couple to just… be.

To take joy in one another with simple things like cooking a meal, hanging on the couch and just enjoying each other. As much as ‘I love you’s’ are lovely to hear, do they have to be drilled into our heads constantly for us to know they’re true? I know Carrie says you have to ‘work on the sparkle’, and i agree (big surprise there eh?) But i do think there’s a difference between furthering your relationship with new, exciting goals you can achieve together, and trying to hold on to those initial feelings that can often be mistaken for the ‘spark.’ What’s important is to not let go of something great because you’re mistaking your relationship progression for relationship depression. Or you will start facing an issue or two. Geddit?






How important do you think the relationship spark is?

Do you worry about losing it?