One extra spicy love life, please.

Ah, I bet from this image you’re thinking this is a blog about school kids getting up to no good in the playground? Well it’s not. But they should be punished – the naughty little so and so’s.

No, this blog is about variety – and if variety is the spice of life as they say, then I’d like mine far from mild. Extra hot even.

It’s not that I’m not all for a blessed union – i do like to think of myself as a glass half full kinda gal’ who believes in ‘the one’, but by the same token i think it would take someone truly sensational to knock me off the single shelf and back on the full time relationship ferry right now. You see, the thing is, i just can never decide can’t make up my bleedin’ mind half the time. It took me months to decide on a tattoo i’d be happy to put up with for the rest of my days, so god help me settling on a guy who’s meant to be for keeps. So why would i want to jump into another relationship unless i was absolutely positive it wouldn’t end in tears? I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I know everyone is under the impression the ultimate goal is a partnership, even when we’re single i’ve a niggling suspicion that we’re supposed to ultimately be out to find a partner, sooner or later. Can’t we ever just be… you know, single?

No, i think variety is the key (at least for me) right now. I’m loving the possibilities. The ability to decide for myself and take out some much needed ‘me time.’ Sure, Sunday nights do feel a little extra cold in the winter without a pair of arms around me like a safety net, but i think it’s good to be able to break away from that comfortable place and do something a wee bit daring (this is my pick as I have no desire to take a dive with sharks and face that fear. Not now, not ever.) I want to be able to experience my youth. That means making mistakes, occasionally going home with the obvious ‘wrong guy’ and then laughing about it through blushes when i tell my girlfriends. I want to have the opportunity to experience and cancel out the bad traits so that if ‘the one’ ever does glide past me, gleamy smile and mango arms intact – i’ll know all about it.

So yes, pour that paprika, season with cinnamon and don’t you dare be stingy with those chilli flakes – because I want one extra spicy love life (chock full of variety) to go, please.






Do you want your love life spicy or mild?

Do you think your on Jamie Oliver’s blog with all the talk of spice and chilli?