We’re all going on a summer holiday.

Okay, so we’re not all going on a summer holiday. Just me. And i leave in around, oh i don’t know, 72 hours from now?

Yep, this bit of juicy news means two things for you lot;

1. I’m going to have lots of fun, shopping in Topshop and munching on croissants under the Eiffel Tower and lazing on the beach in Barcelona – but don’t worry, i am mentally going to share my experiences with you as i have them, so don’t even stress! Generous much?

and 2. I may not be around here as much as usual. I mean, i know i’ve been a neglectful mother to this blog of late, and I’m sorry possums, I REALLY am – but i’ve had to deal with annoyingly messy hard things in the lead-up to this trip that i’m sure are the reason travel agents were born – icky things like travel insurance and cash passports and the like.

So because we’re BFFs i’ll get you up to speed, i start in Paris, then boogey on to Barcelona before moving into Marbella and lazing through to Londontown. 2.5 weeks of European summer sun fun and I. Can’t. Effing. Wait.

Of course, if i don’t get the chance to blog while i’m ‘Bonjouring’ and what have you, i’ll defs make sure you’re totally filled in with the goods upon my return. Who knows? I may meet the love of my life wearing a beret and holding a perfectly poised french bread stick and have to spend my life totally changing my tune on this blog – but then again – i highly doubt that’s going to happen. The changing my tune bit i mean, not the falling in love bit. I’m a first-class sop remember?

So my lovelies, if i don’t speak to you before my return, Au Revoir, adiós and see you soon old chaps!






Will you miss me?

Will you still visit just to check if i’m still alive?

Where would you go on a perfect summer holiday?