There’s no rest for the wicked… or for the thoroughly jet-lagged.

Now i’m no whinger, no seriouslyyy i’m not! But you can’t blame me for assuming that just because i seem to be hangover-proof thus far in my life, that i may be free of the dreaded jet lag too. Now, forward to just 24 hours after touchdown in Sydney from my BET (Big Europe Trip) and i’m sitting here after a full day back at the beauty gig, currently looking for a couple of toothpicks to prop my 10 tonne eyelids open.

Yep, it’s hard to believe that just over a day ago i was kicking back in London, enjoying a chilled Bulmer’s, with my Topshop and H&M arm weights in tow – and now i’m back at my desk, knee deep in the latest August beauty offerings, faced with 499 emails, literally gagging for a beach chair and a glass of Sangria. (Yes Spain, you had me at hola!)

So, just because i know you’re wondering – the trip was good. Better than good, sensational in fact. So good that i won’t even do it the injustice of punching out a couple of F-class measly excuses for blogs tonight, with my droopy, exhausted tent-like eyes and poor excuse for writer’s wit. But, i will leave you with these few facts from my travels.

1. There are things to be learned from your travels – so get out there and be sure to bring a pad, a pen and a camera to record it all.

2. Chupito’s is the name for shots in Barcelona, so if you’re trying to find the specific, very famous 1 Euro shot bar, you need to be a little more specific, and order a Monica Lewinsky or a Red Headed Stepchild. And then choose where you want to be laid to rest. Wowza.

3. You haven’t had a classic English roast with all the trimmings unless you’ve done so in England. Just sayin.






Are you busy too right now? How do you deal with jet lag?

Do you want me to just shut my hole and suck it up?

Well geez, there’s no need to be mean about it guys.