Double kiss bliss

If there’s one thing I can bring away from my fabulous European experience, it’s this. The double kiss shits entirely over the singe kiss crock we practice here in Oz. It’s suave, it’s sophisticated, it means business – yaknow, in a hot and sexy Spaniard kind of a way.

It’s way more intimate than the stock-standard cheek press and icky pucker noise us Aussies are rather partial to. However, if you happen to be stuck cheek-to-cheek with an old geezer, the once slightly more intimate act tends to lose some of it’s, erm… charm.

I know that while basking under the glorious European summer sun, i felt a slight air of establishment with the two-time air smooch, it’s the body language equivalent to sporting that new season Chanel clutch – it says things about how you present yourself, or provides a mask of self esteem – even if you don’t feel it.

So my final note to you in this somewhat pointless, yet lightly entertaining sunday afternoon blog is this: when in doubt, do the doublĂȘ (pronounced doo-blay)






Are you a fan of the double kiss?

Do you prefer a single?

Aren’t Europeans so cool?