This book will change your life…

It may look like a harmless paperback, but by golly gosh – a toilet read, this aint’.

I can honestly tell you that this book will do one of two things; a) make you question everything you believe in when it comes to marriage and relationships and just ‘settling’, or b) it will confirm everything you already believe in.

I was in the latter category.

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a pretty fucked up view on relationships and marriage (each to their own i guess). To them, the last thing I needed was something else in my corner I could praise like a bible, or use to prove my many theories on life after finding ‘the supposed one.’

This book spoke to me. And not in a “hey, i’m just as negative as you are when it comes to relationships so let’s be friends”‘ kind-of-a-way. Well, as much as a book and a human can be friends anyway.

More in a way that made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Like someone else out there had these crazy thoughts. Sometimes it’s not always candy and sunshine. People aren’t always going to be happy and they aren’t always going to ‘work through it’ because they think it’s the best thing. But what i’ve learnt – and maybe i always knew it – is, that it’s not the best thing, it’s not even remotely good.

The fact that the book was written by an anonymous author grabbed me right from the start. I wondered what could be so bad, or so candid in these pages that the author didn’t even feel comfortable disclosing their name to receive the glory? I couldn’t pick it up fast enough.

The interesting background is that the author went missing – her car was found on a cliff with no body. Months later her mother found her unpublished manuscript and sent it into publishers to try and get it published as a novel – because that’s what she thought her daughter would have wanted.

Basically the book is this woman’s (later revealed to be Nikki Gemmell) personal memoir of the beginning of her married life – which isn’t so peachy, not because of domestic violence or because she’s mistreated – simply because she’s not fulfilled, or satisfied in any facet of her day to day life – and that in itself can be suicide. Described often as ‘soft porn’ in parts, the book is very, sometimes terribly graphic. But it’s raw and very, very real. It kind of takes your breath away, in a sexy yet totally confronting kind-of-a-way, and i. fucking. loved. it.






Would you give this book a go?

Do you have similar theories on marriage and relationships and general sop?

I sound like a big screaming dyke don’t I?