How to: mend a broken heart

When you’re sick, they say laughter is the best medicine, so I ask, what’s the cure for a broken heart?
Some might say it’s a tub full of Sara Lee’s best, others may think it’s being able to, erm… move on with someone else (I know what you’re thinking you naughty little so and so’s) – but me? I say the best way is to remove yourself from all those heart-melting things that are still surrounding you and chill out with some beauty rituals that are sure to help you feel better.

Yes, that does mean you have to delete all his favourite music off your IPod – you’ll only get teary when you’re whizzing down the freeway (and that’s not very safe now is it?).

Indeed, a broken heart can only be mended by bringing yourself home again, that is, spending some quality ‘me time’ with yourself. In the past, I’ve found nothing takes my mind off that guy quite like a long hot bath, filled to the brim with Radox Shea Soak Aromatic Bath Liquid. Partly because I’m so relaxed, and partly because my skin never feels as soft and supremely soapy as it does after a bath like that.

I also love curling up in front of the telly with a good movie like The Notebook – and just letting it all out. Sometimes when you have another reason to cry, your problems don’t seem so bad. Why not give yourself a DIY mani while you’re there? I’d use the brilliant new shades by OPI – the It’s a Girl collection is oh-so-cute and will make you feel totally feminine. Then open up that little black book and get dialing.






How do you work to mend a broken heart?

Have you never had to mend your heart before?

You lucky sonovvabitch.