Dream a little dream

… a kind of erm, erotic dream… about a friend, and wake up in the morning feeling seriously as confused as if your boyfriend turned to you in tears, weeping that you’d rushed things by jumping into bed too fast. You should well be cautious, that would never happen. It’s never soon enough with guys. And if it does happen to you, run – fast. Just sayin.

Anyway, back to the dream thing. A good friend of mind recently spilled the beans that a girl-friend in his life has confessed she’d had a dream about him – kind of a sexual dream. Said friend didn’t really know what to make of this. I mean, girls are confusing enough as it is, what with our battering eyelashes, hair flicks and the whole no-meaning-yes thing.

So when he broached the subject with me and asked for my words of wisdom. I told him the following;

a) A girl wouldn’t tell a guy she wasn’t even slightly interested in that she had encountered him sexually in a dream, if you’re not keen, you just don’t want to open up that can of worms. Fact.

b) I advised him to observe how she acted post-erotic-story. That is, does she follow it up with more serious flirt? Or other instances where the two of you have taken it to the next level hypothetically? (Let’s face it, more likely than not the whole ‘dream thing’ was a big fat lie so she could share a fantasy without seeming vulnerable.) We’ve all been guilty.

c) If he liked her back, there’s absolutely diddly squat wrong with a bit of back-flirt. Play it up a bit. A bit of ‘Oh yeah? And what happened next?’ never hurt anyone. Yadig?






Have you ever dreamt of someone like that and woken up feeling seriously weird about them?

Have you ever acted on it?

Are you married to them with babies now? (If so, congrats!)