He loves me, he loves a lot…

Are you with one of those guys? You know, the one that you could almost bet all the everlasting packets of Tim Tams in the world on the fact that he’s messing around? Maybe not cheating, (I know partners can get very frightened by that word, but effectively that’s what’s happening) just flirting, or hovering over the line between wanting to act on a whim or a desire with someone else – and actually acting. Yaknow?

There’s no doubt that he probably loves you – he’s with you, and probably wants to stay with you. But like how girls like to leave paying a bill or picking up a lay-by until the last minute (just to experience the drama of the repercussions of their tardy actions), boys similarly love to see how far they can push the boundaries, how much they can get away with – sans the getting caught bit.

Ask yourself, is there a certain girl you’ve seen giving him knowing looks from across the party? Perhaps she smiles at him coyly, spies you and turns away? Or maybe he’s a little mean to a certain girl in front of you for no real reason, and you think it’s because he’s so super duper faithful to you, he doesn’t even need to be nice to other girls.

Wrong, wrong, FARKING NO dude! The boy is slimy, skeezy, yaknow, a straight-up would-be cheating rat. That girl giving him those flirtatious looks from across the room? She’s mentally re-tapping into their slightly steamy facebook conversation from last night. Oh and the whole unprovoked nastiness to that pretty hot other girl that seemed to come from nowhere? It’s not from nowhere. It’s from a guy’s super stupid inner realm of defence, where he believes that you’ll believe he’s being loyal, romantic even – when actually he’s just doing a really retarded job of covering his tracks. (Note: pretty hot girl is probably just as confused as you are.)

The fact is – he doesn’t want to split from you, or he would have deliberately been caught out ages ago (guys don’t like to straight-out dump a girl you see, they’d rather be caught cheating so it’s cleaner, you hate them instantly and they have something to high-five their mates about), no, he doesn’t want to be caught, but that doesn’t mean he still won’t keep pushing those boundaries to see how far he can get…

My advice? Make like a banana, and split. Just sayin’






Have you ever been with a guy like that?

Have you cottoned on to his bullshit early?

Do you have a spare naughty stick to brand him with? (If not, no worries, I have plenty.)