Sweet and innocent makes a comeback

Okay, so technically this picture doesn’t depict a comeback as such, as this infamous blonde-haired, red-lipped icon is unfortunately no longer with us. It’s a shame you know. I’d give all of my clogs and even my beloved turban to be able to sit down with Miss Monroe and pick her brain about what it is to be a sex symbol, yaknow, a screen siren that simply oozes sex appeal from each of her perfect pores.

As usual, i’ve gone right off track. This particular post is actually about the return of the sweet and innocent kind-of-sexy. Now, i’m not talking about pig-tailed cutesy girls, or doe-eyed kitty cats. No, i’m talking about the vampy red lip, thigh-high split kind-a-sexy taking a back seat, and the pretty, sweet and innocent look making a major comeback.

Just look at Marilyn in the above shot. That is so sexy, but not in an obvious bedroom-eyes, come hither kind of a way. Her hair is up, her lips are pouty but not the focal point (due to lack of lippy), she’s dressed sweetly, no hint of cleavage in sight, yet her curves are still being showcased. You can tell she’s voluptuous and sexy without it smacking you right in the face. She looks as though she’s reciting ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ which is oh-so adorable, and it helps that the image is also sensationally well shot. Oh, and the blurred man in the background is an obvious twat if he’s making Miss Monroe think twice about his affections. Just sayin’.

It’s a little bit to do with the whole ‘virgin’ phenomenon. Men like a girl who looks untouched, like she’s very sweet and innocent. It allows them to fulfill that primal urge to take care of a woman. Although often, we don’t even need it.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s about being a little mysterious (this is also why i am strongly against peeing in front of your partner – i don’t care if you have been together ten years!), so when i look at Marilyn in this picture, i know there’s more to her than the slinky sex symbol role she plays the rest of the time. She’s vulnerable and shy and unsure like the rest of us – there’s something comforting about that i think. I know often we’d choose to be sexy over cute, but i promise you, more guys tell their girls they love them when they’re snuggled up on the couch, in a loungey dress, wrapped up in a cardigan with just a slick of gloss, than when they’re dolled up to the nines, looking utterly ravishing. Not that sexy is bad, it’s sensational. It’s the very way we get their attention in the first place, but guys. love. cute. So do yourself a favour and don those pigtails and doe-eyes stat.






Do you pull off ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ better?

Do you think Justin will ever release a song ‘I’m bringing sweet and innocent back’?

Seriously, how cute is Marilyn in this shot?