If LC tweets it, it’s gospel

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a little left of centre when it comes to all things beauty. I mean, I like a perfect pony and a pouty pink lip as much as the next beauty buff, but in the last year or so I’ve become a little less pretty, and slightly more, well… edgy. (Shut up friends, I have!)

Slowly, my Saturday night bouncy barrel curls have been replaced by more of a boho beach wave or sleek topknot, and there are no signs in sight of slowing down and reverting back to cutes-ville anytime soon.

So after my editor and I came to a head about Lo Bosworth’s sky-high ‘do at the Emmys, (which I still think was absolutely ravishing – the whole look, in fact), I reluctantly re-thought my outlandish outlook on acceptable hair looks. Acceptable height of hair in particular. I mean, I’ve already commented on my unwavering support for Hilary’s swanky high ‘dos, and ScarJo’s back-combed brilliance – but maybe I’d lost sight of what’s cool, and started to love all things crazy? I know, whowooda guessed it?

Then, as if in defence of her Laguna Beach buddy, LC popped the above tweet pic of her sky high ‘do on twitter claiming ‘The higher the hair, the closer to god… Tonight I’m feeling like a saint.” Well, I could have added that straight to the front few pages of the bible, because if LC tweets it, to me, it’s pretty much gospel.






What do you think of the sky-high hair look?

Do you think Lo belongs on the Emmys red carpet or a parent/teacher interview?

Do you use twitter purely to stalk celebs too?