Pic of the week: Kristen-so-hot-I-have-to-squint-Cavallari

Okay, so I know she’s all higher than mighty, bow down to K-Cavs on the Hills. But I tells ya – the girl, she looks good. I’ve just nicked her Twitter pic, and whilst openly gazing at her gleamy complexion and windswept ‘do (you’ve got to love a strategically positioned fan), it got me thinking of a certain commandment that isn’t recited enough quite frankly.

Thou shalt rocketh the braideth. (Especially a deliciously chunky, wispy one like K.C.)

Guys it’s in the bible, which means you have to do it, yaknow? You don’t want to go to hell for unruly locks or boring styles do you? No way – not when you could head south to a firery end for far cooler things, like stealing candy from a baby, or really indecent exposure.

Okay, back on track. I guess the reason K-Cav is so cool is because she’s so freaking confident, man. True Hills viewers will know the only time we’ve seen that self esteem waver is when Brody didn’t want her. And then the backdrop fell and we, the audience, discovered the whole concept was a big legpull the whole time anyways. Well, not totally – but the concept of ‘staged reality’ was never going to deliver many home truths now was it?

She’s also got that all-American look, complete with the ‘I’ll have that burrito if i want to, and i’ll get some chilli fries on the side’ vibe about her, which makes her appealing to guys and girls alike. Plus, she’s the bitch and everybody loves the bitch – so perhaps that’s why she’s receiving this rather over-thought shout out…

…and i don’t mind a mention of a Hills girl on here just quietly… all the gang is here; Audrina, LC, Whitney, LC again – hey, even homeboy Spencer ‘crazeballs’ Pratt gets a shout out – man that dude is crazy as fuck!





What do you think of the whole ‘staged reality’ concept?

Do you think Brody should be with Kristen and not Avril Lavigne?

Do you think I need to just put the remote down in future?