Are you the one before ‘the one?’

I bet if ‘Janiston’ knew she was only going to be the practice run life-partner-wise for B-Pitt, she never would have shimmied down the aisle with him in the first place, or gazed too long into those sky blue eyes for fear of falling in love with the best looking dude in the world.

Honey, I hear you.

It would be truly devastating to believe you’d found your soul mate, only to have him ripped from underneath you by the horniest homewrecker in Hollywood – but that’s a whole other blog.

No, my qualm is not with pouty-lipped husband-stealers, but with people who allow you to fall in love with them, imagine your lives together, your perfect blonde babies with their adorable free-falling ringlets and then allow it to die in the arse like it was nothing to them – all before you even get the ring.

Then, to add a bucket-load of salt to an already fatal gash, they find someone to replace you in next to no time at all – and then they feel the sudden urge to show their undying commitment by moving in with them – or (heaven help us) even marrying them.

I want to know, how is it that a partnership can be the real deal for one person, and a complete practice session for the other? You know, just until the ‘real deal’ comes along. It’s bullshit I tell you, and it fucking sucks when you truly believe you are ‘the one’, not just the one warming her side of the bed for her.






Have you been the one before ‘the one?’

Do you know what makes someone more likely to be ‘the one?’

Are you team Aniston or Jolie?