When a man loves a woman…

… then he should do a couple of things to ensure that the lucky lady is certain of his unwavering affections. Seriously, why do guys think it’s okay to act one way one day, and then entirely different the next?

By the time a girl is finally certain that whatever is going on between the two of you is worth writing home to mother dearest about, he’s acting off the very next day. My question is, how are girls supposed to know where they stand? And how are they supposed to relax, and yaknow, stop having to play the games, the bloody games we feel it essential to play, even though we really, really don’t want to.

A girlfriend of mine is seeing a guy at the moment, and to her it seems as though each time her new squeeze doesn’t text back or he makes another excuse not to have her over or go around to her place, she thinks the behaviour isn’t on – that if this guy really liked her, he’d go to a little more effort, spend a little more time, especially because it’s only the beginning of the ‘relationship’.

I was a little concerned to hear other friends of ours crooning over our boy-troubled girlfriend with lines like “Oh babe, boys are just like that – they don’t respond to every message” and “he definitely likes you, don’t blow him off.”

Guys, just a heads up. If you do like a girl, like really like her (and no I’m not saying this only applies to a girl you want to settle down with), then you need to have a few things down pat, or any girl worth her weight in vintage clogs will brush you faster than a knotty mane.

– reply to her texts. It seems simple enough, i know. But sometimes guys just don’t understand that ignoring a message that a girl has put a lot of effort into, is the equivalent to someone knocking over your last beer. Very disappointing.

– don’t blow her off. If you say you’re going to go over, go. If you say you want to see her on a certain night, then follow through. The moment you break those dates, you come off as the flaky guy that can never be trusted. That means not even as a FB either buddy.

– lastly, surprise her. The sure fire way to kill any hope of a successful relationship (serious, exclusive, sex, whatever) is to remain predictable. Girls need some variation, and yes, most of us still carry that old school way of thinking (foolishly) that chivalry isn’t dead. Prove us right – and i guarantee you’ll be rewarded.






Do you have a guy that’s not very attentive?

Do you feel like your friend’s advice allows your boy to get away with murder?

Do you know where a guy that ticks all of these boxes exists? Because i’d very much like to visit that place please.