Apparently there is a god.

Well, at least i’m pretty sure there is – because only he can be responsible for creating a masterpiece such as this one. Literally, could this image above not have been the mould our holy one used when he thought “hey, i’ve got this huge luscious earth, why not populate it with some people?” Seriously, Adam would not hold a candle to Liam Hemsworth. Not even a little.

So, we’ll try not to hold it against him that he’s been dating teen whiner Miley Cyrus. I look at this way, she’s a bagillion times more famous than him, so he’s only doing what K-Fed did with Britney way, way before him. He’s dating the more famous chick to get to the top – and why some may call that an ugly quality, i call it respectively ambitious.

Now, back to the boy. Where to start? That totally kissable, cheeky mouth? Those eyes that seem to smile at you even before his lips start to turn up? Or maybe it’s just that fucking rocking body. Jesus. Okay, so i dont want this to turn into porn or anything, but the guy – he is good no?

I think the love affair started when i actually sat down to watch The Last Song – and between trying to ignore Miley’s super fat head and whingey mannerisms, and trying to figure out if her brother had some sort of disability – I actually fell head over heels in love with our home-grown Mr Hemsworth here. Maybe it was due to his perfect, honest nature, or the instant chase of his desire (which i actually think is doing us girls more harm than good, no boys – especially Aussie guys are like that, so it’s purely cruel to instill us with such hope) – either way i was hooked, line and sinker. Reow.






Do you think Miley and Liam will last (please say no?)

Who is your ideal guy?

How much better is Liam than his Home & Away “star” brother Chris?