It’s time for a He-tox

Yep, you heard right. I’m embarking on a self-imposed man ban – and let me tell you, the timing couldn’t be better. After cutting a few loose ends of late (aka: boys that had no place being tied there to begin with) I figure it’s about time to work on myself, and indulge in some guilt-free girl time.

You see, when you’re seeing a guy, it’s incredibly difficult not to fall into the ‘manhole’. Come on, you know the one! It’s dark and secretive, and only you and him hang out there. You constantly feel as though you’re falling more and more once you’re in there. You kind of forget about everything else, because nothing seems as fun as spending time with him. Yeah – although liberating and exciting at the time, once you fall, you have to crash at some point. And the aftermath? It can be heinous.

Not only is there sometimes a smooshed heart to contend with, but there’s often also friends that have moved past you, on to girls that are far more available to watch soppy chick flicks and indulge in hungover sundays and yum cha with them. And fair enough, you probably vanished into that manhole for a while – but no judgement. It’s incredibly easy to fall after all.

Which is why I’m going to halt the hunt for the perfect dude. My man ban will assist in making me a better friend, a better blogger (sorry I’ve been so neglectful, you gorgeous little so and so’s) and a girl that is totally content with being on her own. Ironically, this attitude is often the one that makes you more appealing to guys anyway – and so the vicious cycle begins!

So, though this won’t be half as hard as it is to put down the sugar (men I can live without, chocolate? Not so much!), it’s still sure to be a stickler when Sunday night rolls around. You know how cutesy and romantic that damn day of the week can be! Oh well, looks like Chuck Bass will have to be my fill-in lover. No complaints from this end.


Have you been sucked into a manhole?

Did it have a messy outcome?

Would you like to join me in a He-tox? (No boys allowed!)