One must mimic Madonna, at least once.

The infamous cone bra - incredible.

Basically it should be in the bible.

A global idol such as this one, not only deserves to be immortalised in a spiffy bronze statue, the Queen of Pop also warrants having a myriad of copycats and look-alikes, just bursting to have a patch on how fan-fucking-tastic the legend looked in her hey day. She oozes sex appeal and mass power – and makes me think no measly man would be any match for her feminine wiles and ‘fuck you’ attitude.

Often mimicked yet never matched by other starlets in the costume-stakes, Lady Gaga is the first artist to come close to overshadowing Madge – and it’s taken a whole lot to get her there. (Think an outfit made entirely of different cuts of meat and another constructed entirely of Kermit the Frogs.) Yet, the Material Girl is far too much of an asset to our history books to ever truly be replaced.

Which is the very reason why when Halloween started creeping upon us, i ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ about what the most appropriate of attire would be. Wonder Woman was last year’s ensemble – and I was keen to top my nod to the world’s sexiest superhero however possible.

When browsing through a costume shop for a friend’s Hollywood birthday, I stumbled across a version of Madge’s gold ‘cone bra’ corset (pictured) – and instantly knew that it was about time I mimicked this master of style swaps. (The lady’s been black, red, blonde, brunette, short, long – you name it, she’s rocked the shit out of it.) So fast forward to Saturday night just passed. The hair (newly teamed with blonder clip-in extensions) went sky high into a straight pony, with a braid wrapped around the elastic for effect, my beauty spot near the right corner of my mouth was darkened and a sweep of red lippy and my Henry Holland suspender tights finished the look superbly.

It was uber empowering being dressed as such an iconic, erm… icon. The lady instills some sort of crazy confidence into those that channel her, I swear! Well, either that or I had a few too many sour worm vodka jelly shots for my own good… Yeah, it was probably that actually.

p.s. Here is a pic of my Halloween get up. I’m with my girlfriend who pulled off a mean Katy Perry a la California Girls film clip – nice eh?






Which Madonna look would you most love to mimic?

Which look makes you feel confident?

Did you notice I forgot to add pants to my outfit? Yeah, so did everyone else at the party..