I’m having a ‘Hart’ attack

and it’s just not going away.

Seriously, as far as girl crushes go, this one’s pretty intense.

Not only is she the freshest six-foot-something model to shimmy down the runways and an Aussie import (yess!) – she’s also sporting the hottest accessory since the Birkin Bag. The gap tooth.

You may be rolling your eyes right now – because before Jess entered our lives, the gap tooth was only handy when you wanted to spit water at your foe in a perfectly streamlined shot through the gap. But now? It’s so much more.

We’re a society that loves the weird, the unique and the different – we deem it as hot and desirable because only a handful of people have it, it’s exclusive. And like how our mothers thought their 20-year old clogs would never be seen on the feet of their offspring, I’m pretty sure the many people who acquired dental assistance to fix their own parted chompers, are probably pretty disillusioned at this rising new trend.

Madge made it quirky, but Jess makes it hot. Okay, so it helps that she’s absolutely amazing on the eyes, but that couple of mm’s between her two front and centre, means that she also has a pretty significant point of difference. Wouldn’t you say?






What do you think of the gap-tooth trend?

Do you think Madge pulls it off better?

Do you think Jess just needs the name of a good dentist and I’m slightly delusional?