What to do when everything isn’t enough.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this kind of thinking – it’s difficult to imagine a life where you’re happy, and content with what you’ve got  – and you don’t even have the carelessness of your 20s to take solace in or the hope that you’ve got your whole life to make whatever you want of it.

I’m talking about when you’re grown. You know, when the husband and the babies come along. What if you look out the kitchen window at your white picket fence, as you hear the babies squealing in the background, and you see hubby pulling into the driveway and he waves to you through the window – and you think ‘yeah, this is all great and that – but it’s not enough.’

The thought is paralysing. You’re pinned into this life and it may not be everything you thought it would be. How’s that for food for thought? I’m not trying to say that marriage and babies aren’t the way forward. God knows i want a brood of  my own angelic blonde-ringleted babies more than my next meal – i just firmly believe i’ll always be looking for the next best, new and exciting thing in the man department. It’s hard to believe that one day someone will come into our lives, sweep us off our feet and make us satisfied each and every single day we’re with them. Whilst diminishing the urge to be with anyone else.

It’s a stickler isn’t it? I just can’t say I’m not semi-worried that i’ll wake up one day next to my husband (slight shudder), and want to run screaming out the door. I mean I’m sure i’ll be far less dramatic by the time I actually tie the knot (if i ever tie the knot) but part me of still worries that i’ll always be on the search for more than i’ve got.

But then again, is that what everything thinks before they meet ‘the one?’






Do you have similar worries?

Do you think it’s possible to be happy with one person for the rest of your life?