Why are guys such jerks?


In the infamous words of the brunette he-man-woman-haters-club wrecker, Darla – we ask the question that’s been plaguing generation after generation of women since the beginning of time. Why are guys such jerks anyway?

I’m not buying the whole mean-to-the-girl-they-actually-like bollocks. It’s a complete and utter crock – well, even if it is true there should be consequences for guys who indulge in such selfish and ridiculous behaviour. Like a year wearing nothing but orange suede, or the death penalty or something.

Seriously it eats at me – guys get what they want (think sex on tap, a nice girl, a one nighter, whatever) and they’re pricks – they don’t get what they want and they’re even bigger pricks. Honestly, what does a girl have to do to find a decent human that happens to house a penis?

I know it’s the ancient Men are from Mars Women are from Venus malarky, but that’s no excuse for the way guys simply get away with acting. We can’t be expected to come across a complete and utter pig and just shrug our shoulders and say “Oh that bloody Mars, at it again – producing all those cooky men.”

How can males be sweet as sugar to a perfectly good girl one day and then flip the switch faster than they would a television remote? What clicks inside that tiny male brain to make them act as if we’d just stolen their first born/drunk their last six pack of Carlton Draught? Is it just the way the male mind works? “Quick okay, things have been going well – time to do something heinously offensive to fuck it all up.”

Guys, a heads up. Don’t be afraid to give compliments, remember flattery will get you everywhere with our kind, so a few ‘you look great’s’ definitely wouldn’t go astray, yadig? Also, don’t turn into a turd if things happen to end – whether it’s you or her, there is no way you will ever benefit more from being a dick to her than you would by being a genuinely good guy. For starters, she won’t go around talking about your unimpressive dick size (regardless of your actual size, it’s common knowledge that a dude’s dick size halves once we break up with you) or you’ll ruin your chances of ever getting back with aforementioned girl. Being a jerk really is lose, lose. So be smart and you’ll go further. Just sayin’.








Have you come across an absolute jerk of a guy recently?

Do you think it’s better to brush him or try and salvage a friendship?

Would you ever go there again, now that you’ve seen that other side to him?