Is sex with the ex the new black?

Some couples are on again off again, loved up and romancey with scented candles and adoring gazes, or simply just wham bam thank you maam-ing it. It’s an absolute head fuck trying to keep up with it. But one thing i’ve really noticed that’s trending at the moment (both in Hollywood and amongst my own friends) – is sex with the ex.

Why does it happen – and better still, why does it seem to be happening so frequently right now? We’ve talked about pining over our first love, but is that really all there is to it? Interesting thought. Perhaps it’s not about feelings or pining at all – perhaps it’s just a chemical imbalance in our bodies that drives us to want to mate with those who are familiar? Let’s face it, boys, girls, aliens – all have needs. And as we get older, the thrill of a one night stand tends to diminish – just a bit.

So perhaps this is the very reason we turn back around to an ex lover. It may not be because we want to award them a nod to their fantastic skills in the bedroom. Nor because we miss them. The relationship ended for a reason, so it’s best to leave it buried I say – It’s because it’s easy – sometimes too damn easy. Side note: sex with the ex should never be used as a ploy to gain a past love back for purposes involving a relationship. Let it be known that a good friend of mine (a male, infact) disclosed that a guy will have no qualms sleeping with his ex – most of the time “guys don’t even have to like a girl to sleep with them.” Harsh, but true.

So – why not just find a new, fresh piece of meat with which to chew on I can hear you asking? Well, a good, trustworthy companion can be hard to come by. Not only do we (for the most part) know where said ex lovers has been (sexual-history wise), it’s also little to no effort when it comes to simply satisfying an urge. You’re well practiced together, hopefully still in sync and genuinely know how to do it for one another. You get to skip all the discovery that comes hand in hand with a new partner – and you can just get the job done, pronto. Think of it as the equivalent to the express checkout at your supermarket. There’s no milling about  for ages with groceries you know you don’t really need. It’s “yes, i’ve got my 15 items or less and i’m ready to be served, bitch.” Okay, maybe not quite like that, but you get the picture…






Have you been dipping your toes (or other body parts for that matter) into the ex pool?

Have you enjoyed it?

Do you know how slimy it can be in there? You broke up with him for a reason damn it! Wait for a good guy to show up – you’ll enjoy it that much more, promise.