Move over Miranda…

With a baby on the way for Mrs Kerr-Bloom, me thinks there could be an opening for a brand-spanking new, super cute Victoria’s Secret model…

And by gosh I think we’ve found her. (Though, admittedly she is sans M-Kerr’s iconic dimples – unfortunate? Me thinks yes.)
Introducing Erin Heatherton, the 21-year old all-American Victoria’s Secret recruit. She recently made her debut and shimmied down the runway of the brand’s annual fashion show and I tell you – she looked absolutely adorable.

Now, while I’m not ready to admit a new girl crush (Miranda, I wouldn’t do that to you babe!), I am prepared to discuss how much I love the whole girl-next-door-with-sun-kissed-hair-and-freckles look, as a welcome change to the exotic-Adriana Lima-style-bronzed-beauty.

When I first saw her, I seriously thought she was an Aussie (what with that sunkissed skin and all), plus she’s got a bit of the Jess Hart vibe going on. C’mon! Check out that perfectly flicked blonde ‘do and those lightly-coloured doe eyes – the whole look just screams “I’ve just spent the whole summer by the lake in Illinois falling in love with a boy”, as opposed to the sexier “Hullo boys – come to me and be my slave, I vill allow you to pleasure me constantly…” (which is kind of what we associate the Viccy Secret supermodels with sometimes!). And I have to tell you, I’m liking the change!

Thank me later boys…






Is this the return of the ‘sweet and innocent’ style of beauty we’ve been pining for?

Perhaps the boys will still prefer the Adriana Lima-brand of beauty?

What do you prefer? Or does this image make you feel like you weigh 200 kilos too? (Don’t fret – I bet you’re gorgeous dahlink. Anyone who reads this blog is, fact.)