Lily Aldridge, you are amazeballs.

Now, I don’t want to just throw out the words “new Alexa Chung” – but hey, I pretty much just did.

This chick is Sahara desert-hot. Like seriously, she is the best parts of Britain’s IT girls and Spains sexy mamacitas all rolled into one brilliantly balayaged ball. Except she’s all-American. But nationally aside, it has to be admitted that I’m pretty much in ‘girl’ love with this Viccy Secret recruit – (and most of the others) god knows I love to write about them.

She’s got that slight breath of Asian in her features, which only further adds to her exotic look. She’s like a crazy superhero. Supermodel by day, Asian ninja by night. It’s crazy, I literally cannot get enough.

To add insult to serious six-weeks-in-a-debilitating-cast-kind-of-injury, this absolute mega babe is also dating one of the sexiest guys in the world; Kings of Leon front man Caleb Followill – infact, they’re recently engaged. FUCK. Okay, that’s pretty shitballs, but you can’t deny it. This couple is so hot they pretty much make Jude and Sienna look like Texan trailer trash.

Okay, perhaps that was harsh. But honestly, don’t you just look at these two and wonder how fortunate their tots will be? Hitting the generic lottery like they’re simply bound to do? It’s enough to make you sick in your cereal.

Before I sign off, we must talk about the hair. This is one of the most eye-catching and elaborate examples of brutally brilliant balayage I’ve ever come across. I can’t help but think, “how come my hairdresser can’t do that?” It’s like a perfectly subtle Mexican wave of colour from her dark roots down to her sunkissed ends – and she wears it like an absolute dream.

The girl has a certain, je ne sais quoi. You know, a little somethin’ somethin’ that’s difficult to put your finger on, but hard to tear your eyes away from. (By little somethin’ somethin’, of course I mean she has amazing everything.) I simply adore the fact that she can rock a guy-style T-shirt one night, and a skin-tight, sexy as shit dress the next without blinking. Her style has serious depth – and in turn, it takes her from straight out model to fashion muse in the making. But enough’s enough. Forget finding out what’s awesome about Miss Aldridge – I double dare you to find something wrong with her.





Do you prefer more of an exotic look to the regular kind of beautiful people?

Who do you think is the most amazing supermodel right now?

Do you kind of want to trip her down the stairs because you want Caleb all to yourself too?