Forget women – what do men want?

Everyone says (and my psychic yesterday confirmed it) that we women are confusing beings. We’re undecided, unsure, never happy and cannot make up our minds to save our lives, or our Friday night dinner plans for that matter.

But I’m going to ark up the feminist in me and disagree – because something’s changed. Either we (women as a collective) have become more easygoing and less cryptic, or the dudes are seriously wandering into utter head fuck territory.

I find myself increasingly speechless when I hear my friend’s stories about ‘nice guys’ pulling a 180 on them in response to something as little as a change of direction of the breeze. It doesn’t take much to have a guy seeing things in a whole different perspective, like someone plugged them into the wrong Matrix and they’re suddenly seeing things like a totally different person. (I wish that tall black Neo dude would stop messing with our men – Jesus!)

I’m not an idiot – I get that all (or most) guys want casual sex, one-night stands, beer by the keg etc. Some even want a relationship (I know, weird right? Who are these romanticised men? and where can we find them?) ┬áSo how do we separate the nail and bailers from the keepers? Think about it – no guy will walk up to a girl and say ‘Hey baby, I’m just delivering this chat so I can take you home tonight, fulfill my needs entirely, not bother to learn your name and never call you again – you interested?” Some girls might actually appreciate the honesty there – but most aren’t ever exposed to that, because we’re made to believe (even though we know it’s not true, not really) that he’s one of the ‘good guys’ and that something amazing just might come of our time spent with him.

What I don’t understand is, with a breed of humans that are supposed to sort out a fight with their fists and end it all with a handshake, why can’t they seem to keep things as simple as they do with their mates when it comes to dealing with females? Suddenly for the first time ever they think they’re licensed to become mysterious and coy – leading us to believe one thing when the opposite is true. All for the sake of not seeming vulnerable.

It scares me that guys are catching up to us, you know – stealing our style when it comes to keeping the opposite sex guessing. It’s not fun being on the other side, collecting the clues and trying desperately to work out what it all means.

Do you know what else I think is scary? This blog I came across today – Basically it asks a bunch of men for their theories on different topics – and they come up with ultimate lists that, hey – sure, are good value, but a little frightening if you’re a female I must admit. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Try these blogs on for size; ‘How to tell if she’s promiscuous‘, ‘15 positions you do not want to see her in‘ and tips on ‘Jump starting your career with a sex tape‘. I mean, I’m no prude. I like a game of naked Twister as much as the next girl – but I prefer it most when i’m steering (that is, spinning the wheel) – men just aren’t supposed to rule some arenas, yadig? (and no, I’m not talking about the kitchen – dudes are always welcome to conquer that platform, man.)






Do you find men are becoming increasingly cryptic?

Do you feel a little ripped off?

Are you a little curious to read the ’15 positions you do not want to see her in’ blog too?